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Friday, October 24, 2008

Graduation: The Place to Be on Halloween!

This Halloween marks Boulder Quest's first Friday night graduation. I've been so gratified to hear all the excitment building around these Friday night tests. Plans are in the works to make graduations even more fun with Belly Dance and Stage Combat demos, group meditations, and demos from selected students. We are also adding a potluck and an opportunity for groups of students to self-organize to take advantage of the different options at Uptown (especially 4580 Restaurant whose bar and restauant are great places to gather)!

For Halloween, you are invited to come to graduation in costume. Look in your inbox for an evite so you can sign up for our Halloween Potluck or come early to help me decorate the dojo! We'll also have a costume contest and bobbing for apples.

Every month, we'll have something new at Graduation and we need you to bring your friends and family to help make the dojo the Place to Be!

~Mary Aitoshi

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