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Friday, October 10, 2008

Sam Walton Emerging Entrepreneur Award

I'm at the dojo, preparing for my first call with my Biz Coach. I'd been thinking in the past few months that a coach might be able to help me organize my thoughts to take the dojo to its next level. But...I wasn't really sure I was ready to make the financial investment. Every decision I make these days goes through the filter, "How many students will this bring me?" I wasn't sure and so I put that desire to a back-burner. Then I heard about my award and included in my package was 1 year of coaching!

Our industry has lots of conferences and I was thinking about going to one recently. My teacher, Stephen K. Hayes, was one of the featured speakers so I knew there would be valuable content. I was distressed, however, by the lack of professionalism in the sponsoring organization. When I heard that my friend would be visiting during the dates of the seminar, I put that on the back burner and decided to look for other opportunities to connect with businesses owners like myself. Then I heard about my award and it included a travel stipend to Charlotte for a conference and conference tuition for the Charlotte and the Fort Lauderdale events!

We don't have a bulk store here in Boulder and I was trying to decide if it was worth driving to Louisville for Sam's Club or Costco. The rising cost of gas and the slight membership fee made me question if was the best use of my time and money. And then I heard about my award and it included a business membership to Sam's Club. I activated the membership yesterday and bought a new video camera and saved $100 on my selected model!

As part of our martial tradition, there is a mind tradition: a collection of secrets and teachings about accessing your full potential. One of these secrets is the power of manifestation. When I saw the email announcing that the Sam's Club applications were available, I jumped on it. When I ran into technical difficulties, I called the Count Me In offices (twice actually). I was inspired by the process of completing the application, and I won! Thank you to Count Me In and Sam's Club for creating this opportunity for my manifestation.

Mary Aitoshi

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