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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Green Martial Arts

Rather than print out color copies of our 12 page Green Guide (which would have been convenient and ironic), I am emailing you a copy. The health of the planet is important to us, especially when we look at the dynamics of planetary health and self defense.

Some facts you might not know about the Boulder Quest Center:
1. We are wind powered.
2. Our carpets are made from recycled tires.
3. Our paints were hand-rolled and low-VOC to lessen impact.
4. We stained the existing concrete rather than pouring new concrete.
5. Our floors and wainscoting are bamboo, which is a sustainable grass.
6. Our cups are compostable corn.
7. We recycle paper and mixed containers. We offer recycling and composting in the public areas.

If you have any suggestions about further ways we can green the dojo, please contact me at

Happy Earth Day!
Mary Aitoshi

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