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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Award

Mary Aitoshi has won round trip airfare to NYC to attend the Running the Make Mine a Million $ Business event at the American Express headquarters. Woo-Whoo!

When it comes to the wallet health of female entrepreneurs, the very best organization I've found to support and drive growth is Make Mine a Million $ Business. Founded by powerhouse Nell Merlino, the M3 RACE is a year-long drive for runners to push themselves to new heights and revenues. At the upcoming event, I will learn techniques to clarify my vision, pitch my business, and learn from other entrepreneurs. As a Sam Walton Emerging Entrepreneur, I am already benefiting from the Make Mine a Million $ Business organization. My business coach has done more for my bottom line than four years of struggling to get it right. I don't know where the magic comes from but I've been studying martial arts long enough to recognize when I've found the right path to success. The M3 RACE is motivation and implementation in an excellent package. If you are a woman business owner, I hope you'll join me in the race.

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