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Monday, January 18, 2010

Women's Self Defense Advice from Aitoshi

Rules for Women’s Self Defense as Experienced by Mary Aitoshi, President, Boulder Quest Center

1. Train in an intelligent martial art. This might seem self-serving but there’s a reason I’ve invested all my personal wealth, time, and passion into creating a venue for exploring the magic that arises when we harness our personal power to make a better world.

2. Have friends. Predators like to isolate people emotionally and physically and your best line of defense is having friends in multiple social circles. This is true whether you are walking home or in a violent relationship. You’ll hear people say “always walk with a buddy” but it’s not always practical and it’s not always safer. However, you carry those important to you with you in spirit and they bring me to point #3.

3. Live a life you enjoy. If you know why your life is worth living, you’ll be better prepared to make decisions when that enjoyment is threatened. Does this predator want $5, your self-esteem, or your ability to have dinner with your loved ones? How important are those things to you? If you don’t know your value, how can you make decisions under pressure? (Intelligent martial art training can help you answer that question.)

4. Learn the difference between fear and intuition. This takes time and training but it’s a learnable skill. Out Ninja Magic class on Saturday’s is specifically geared to help make intuition a natural outcome.

5. Manage your risk. All of life has risks and any choice we make has a many possible outcomes. Intelligent martial arts training lets you play with choices in a low risk environment so you can better decide how to deal with the risks in your life.

6. Be Magical. Life is wondrous and you are a part of it. The Ninja of ancient Japan were martial arts wizards who unlocked the secrets of nature in order to protect their family and friends. Nine families through time have passed down these secrets to the current generation.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have visionary secrets that would allow you to deal with dangerous personal security issues decisively, powerfully, and successfully, and at the same time feel safe to be as heroically kind, benevolent, and helpful in society as you could be?

If you are interested in feeling more capable, martial arts may just be the path for you. If you are interested in learning to live with more freedom and less fear, the Boulder Quest Center may be for you. If you want to connect with the life you’ve dreamed of living, the path of the ninja awaits you.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Be Magical

In the 2010 Year of the Ninja, we at the BQC have decided on a theme for the year: Be Magical. I've spent these first few days of the new year contemplating the magical skills you learn from newbie to black belt.

1. Moving with Grace and Power. From the Fundamentals through the Path of the Protector, you'll learn the skills that change your relationship with the ground. You'll learn to float, maneuver in midair, avoid obstacles, and achieve harmony with your surroundings.
2. Defeating Bigger, Stronger, Faster Opponents. Learn to use your body to its potential with the ninja secrets of alignment, momentum, torque, and intention.
3. Power Over Perceptions. The ninja are famous for disappearing and had many methods for achieving this reputation. In our path to black belt, you will learn how to be in unexpected positions, seeming to move with unthinkable speed and silence.
4. Mind Control. Learn what influences your mind into mindless actions and take back the control over your decisions. Learn to differentiate between fear, instinct, and premonition.

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