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Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Karate Kid in Boulder?

What makes the Karate Kid so popular? I think the Karate Kid speaks to a dream that resides deep in our souls. The desire to be uplifted, saved, and empowered. We long to find within ourselves, the strength to stand up for who we are and our beliefs. The same energies that drive us to explore new lands, found new organizations, and keep our principles sacrosanct.

Then we set out in search of a path that can live up to that promise, that can speak directly to the place deep in our selves and our sense of purpose. When I was a little girl, I dreamed of helping others find the strength to live their lives to their full potential. I felt the opportunity offered in this human life was too important, too sacred to be wasted.

I found the answer to that promise in To-Shin Do. It is at the heart of why I opened the dojo in 2005. I want people to find their strengths, passions, friends, and good works. That path begins with earning your white belt in a system that promotes your values and represents your heart. That’s why I offer everyone a chance to try a class at no charge, because you are your own most important teacher. 

Take advantage of trying your free class by calling (303) 440-3647. I look forward to helping you unleash your potential.

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