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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Self Defense and Empowerment Journeys

Warrior Divas with the Boulder Parks and Recreation Department’s “Journeys through EXPAND” program recently completed a 6-week, self defense, and empowerment program. These brave women have all been dealing with the effects of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) and the post-traumatic stress that accompanies this type of injury.

For most people with MTBI, the injury represents a loss of control, both in the event of the injury and in dealing with the traumatic effects in the aftermath. Our class focused on building confidence, establishing a new power base, and learning useful skills for self defense. Each class had mind and body skills designed to help these women use their bodies and even their injuries to their advantage. We practiced how to fall down and get up, striking skills, and boundary setting.

“Through this class, I learned the self defense isn’t about just the physical. It’s about your sense of self and defending your principles”, said Sophia, who had a powerful success story of turning an adversary into an ally thereby. “We had so much fun, it makes it stick. It’s amazing what you can learn in just six classes” added Lenora.

It was quite the blessing to be able to work with these women and to share their insights, vulnerabilities, and potentials. This class helped women connect with their inmost power and was summed up perfectly by Cara: “I learned I can be powerful, even when my body is failing.”

If you’d like to schedule this empowering work for your group, please contact
Mary A. Casey II, President, Boulder Quest Center.

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