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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day

This 4th of July, I was thinking about the multimedia invocations of Independence Day. We have Bruce Springsteen’s lament of breaking free from the chains of dying town. Martina McBride’s anthem of freedom from an abusive spouse. Will Smith’s kick ass defeat of really ugly aliens. We also have booming firework displays oddly reminiscent of a carnival ride and mortar shells. There’s the American flag and a bone-deep thankfulness for our soldiers and pride in our country. 

The thing I love about this holiday is how all those warrior energies manifest in celebration for one day. We celebrate the explosions that might terrify us and shut down airports on other days. We rejoice in the ways we’ve exceeded our potential, the ties we broke and the ones we tied.
As I look forward to the end of vacation and starting back to the dojo tomorrow, I wonder how many people are poised to make a change in their life. Who can I reach to get started on this path to becoming a master of their own life? Who do you know who would benefit from more confidence, self-reliance, and happiness? Bring them in; it’s time.

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