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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Getting Started on the Path

I think it's so inspiring to hear about how senior teachers got started on this To-Shin Do path! In this really cool blog post, Master Instructor and 7th Degree Black Belt, John Gentoshi Poliquin. I hope you find the story inspiring, and as always, we encourage your discussion in the Comments.

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Use Your Ninja Skills

The following is a post from the SKH Forum by one Kriss Gakutoshi Hurdle from Newbury Parks Martial Arts Center. It was so important that I got her permission to re-post it here.

"I had a wonderful conversation with parents at the dojo last night; we spoke about the difference in To-Shin Do personal development and other dojo/academy/studio's programs. Many times in most martial arts and karate schools, the kids train, yet at the end of class they are admonished NOT to use their skills. Our program is quite different! I WANT the kids (and adults for that matter) using their skills! I want the kids looking people in the eyes when speaking; I want the kids shaking hands using a two hand politely firm grip; I want the kids practicing a strong belief in themselves; I want the kids being aware when in public, yet not nervous. I want the kids to practice violence avoidance. I guess the difference is in the programs themselves. So many arts do not match on the mat what one should do in a confrontation- therefore, the students are told not to "fight". Proudly, To-Shin Do is completely congruent in their lessons- from the natural movements, to the finding space that will work against someone larger and faster, to developing total life skills- leading to "Tatsujin"-a fully well rounded individual. There really is no better program out there. Period. I know- I have black belts in three other styles- but To-Shin Do became my home. Trust me- it is the program I put my kids in...... "

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