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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Small Business Success and Life Mastery

A few years ago, I was awarded a coaching package as part of my Sam Walton Emerging Entrepreneur award. As a female, small business owner, I've found personal coaching to be critical to my success.

As a martial artist, coaching is important because it let's me work through questions and drill the important success skills. When I teach, I watch every individual and my lesson plan grows as I see what the individuals in my class need.  When I get to study with my teachers, I vigorously train so that my teachers have the greatest opportunity to coach me. If I don't try, they can't give me valuable feedback. If I'm not taking risks, I cannot grow.

Business success is no different. I recently had the opportunity to reflect on my business coaching success. To read more about how it's helped my journey, please visit Bill's blog. If you want to know more about how martial arts can help you achieve life mastery, please give me a call at (303) 440-3647 or drop me an email. I'll give you a free 15 minute consultation, just for contacting me.

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