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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Winter Warrior Weekend, introduction

Experience a yamabushi style, mind-body exploration of ancient and modern practices of the ninja. In the first weekend of February, Boulder Quest Center will host a seminar and Black Belt Testing. We are in the process of designing the different modules and some current ideas include, long battlefield weapons like naginata and yari, warrior meditations, outdoor training with nature as co-conspirator, and a boundary-exploding hike.

To make this seminar incredible and to pave the way for future awesomeness, we'd like to get your input. We want you to comment on this blog or on our Facebook page with elements you'd like to see at the seminar.

Also, we have a lot of great artists at the dojo and we want you to design our W3 T-shirt! There will be a prize for the winning shirt so start thinking about designs (deadline will be in Dec 2010).

Oh yeah, and if you still have your rock from Kim and Jenn's test, bring it to this event.

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