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Friday, February 11, 2011

Forest Ninja Spring Break Camp

In the age of tablet computing, ubiquitous cell phones, and hand-held consoles, our children often get separated from the natural world and the rhythm of life. Nature-Deficit Disorder is gaining clinical support and is often obvious in the fear our children have of the wilderness. This Spring, the BQC is excited to offer a remedy--a camp for kids 9-13 to connect with and gain confidence in the outdoors. With guides who are experienced wilderness facilitators, ninja, and group leaders, this camp promises to be our best ever. 

Forest Ninja Camp
The deepest teachings and traditions of the Ninja, as well as the Indigenous peoples of these lands, can be found in their relationship with the natural world. When we develop an authentic understanding of nature - and form a relationship of respect and gratitude based on that understanding - we develop the ability to read and harmoniously fit in with her ever-changing flow. When this happens – when we become “one mind” with nature – everything in our environment can become our ally. 
Come join us as we learn about and train in the arts of…
·       Iroquois Natural Living Skills and Philosophy (Onkwe’hon’we:neha / “Ban pen fu kyo!”)
·       Natural Awareness and Movement (Shizen  jikaku , Shinobi tai sabaki)
·       Animal Tracking and other Natural Patterns (Doubutsu tegakari,  Shizen moyou)
·       Natural Camouflage (Intonjutsu, Hensojutsu, Shinobi-iri )
·       Ten Thousand Changes: Preparedness and Proper Relationship with the Natural World 

Taught by Ian Sanderson and Randle Charles 
Ages 9-13 (or permission)
9am-12pm M-F
March 21-25

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