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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Winter Warrior

Wow, what a magical weekend! From the outset, we knew planning a seminar in February was a risky proposition but we also knew that to truly be ninja, we needed to be willing to take on greater challenges. Plus, we like to live lives of adventure and we were certain it would be just what it needed to be.

Some of the magical moments:
1. We didn't have the event-cancelling temperatures that happened in the days before and after the event.
2. We had no serious injuries despite a long hike, wilderness setting, fresh snow, and a fast drop in temps during the demos.
3. Moments where the action stopped and we just got to hang out in a fabulous winter setting. How often do we take advantage of those breaths?
4. Moments when the action was full bore and we got the wrestle in the snow like happy puppies. When is the last time you let yourself feel that free?
5. We deepened our connection with old and new friends. We got to see resiliency in action which is a rare gift between friends.

Do you have more moments that were incredible for oyu? Feel free to share in the comments or on our FB page. To-Shin!

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