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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Martial Arts and Car Repair

Yesterday I was driving to Longmont and the car felt funny. I checked around and there were no symptoms of any kind, other than it feeling not right. I drove carefully for a few miles, checked the brakes and then went and had a fabulous lunch.

On the way home, I noticed the air conditioner wasn't working (it had worked on the way to Longmont). I looked down and realized the car was about to overheat. Never having had this problem before I had a moment of panic but then I remembered the 5 D's.

I had already Discerned and realized there was a problem. Now I needed to Defend, which meant pull over before I had a bigger problem. Then I Disrupted, which meant turn off the car. I also called Kevin who at least has a small car maintenance skill, where I was working off raw intelligence. Turns out the car cools quickly so I could limp home by turning the car off for 5 minutes, driving a mile and then repeating the wait cycle. It took about 30 minutes to make the 10 minute drive under these circumstances. A $5 bottle of radiator fluid fixed the problem. Now I'm monitoring to see if we have a leak, or if they forgot to top us off at the last oil change. What I love most about the martial training I do is that there's so many stories of avoiding tragedy. Be ninja--where luck is a skill we train for.


Anonymous said...

Good thing the car wasn't a black belt.

Anonymous said...

Interesting story

Anonymous said...

Once you reach the highest levels, you will have dreams about the car overheating and avoid the situation entirely. JK, that's awesome the way learned skills translate into your everyday life.

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