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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Power of Good Choices

This month we studied “Discipline”. This week alone I received three e-mail coupons touting the power of said products to tone, tighten and tan me. While it took discipline to avoid spending my hard earned cash on marketing, I did think more about the marketing aspect in our field- Martial Arts.

Interesting- as I speak with parents in our community, the ones that have enrolled their children in some karate or Martial Arts program, they do so because they believe discipline to be a main benefit. After all, most every karate school ad you read has bullet points of self control, focus and respect being taught.

My question is always the same- how is discipline being taught? How is it different than a well disciplined coach who teaches soccer? How is it different than a boy scout leader teaching discipline to the troop?

Is discipline saying “yes, sir” on the mat? Is discipline “never using your martial art” except in the dojo ? I believe that particular style of “discipline” is actually a behavior, but may not represent completely discipline (knowing how to make the right choices, even if those choices are the difficult ones). It sure is easy to make a marketing claim, but another thing to back it up.

Proudly, To-Shin Do teaches discipline in a scientifically proven manner, with age old ties to the art of human nature. We deliver, based on superior technology we know nobody else has.

Want to be a powerful “Jedi in training”? Great- we can do that- and no, we didn’t go to a weekend seminar and “buy the information” and magically own it in our lives (sadly that does happen in our line of work). Wouldn’t you love to know the:
• 8 Steps to a Noble Life
• 4 Foundations for Mindfulness
• How to exercise confidence, effort, alertness, meditation and wisdom
• How to have a Joyfully Enlightened Mind

Well, my future ninja friends, to be quite honest, we are the only California school to have the “Jedi Secrets”- the art of the ninja. (Aitoshi's note: We are the only school in Colorado too. Aren't you glad to live near a dojo offering one of the most powerful teachings in the world?) Just lucky to be it. Not that learning to say “yes, sir” is bad- we do that, too. But oh, my, there is so much more in store….

So please be clear, for the sake of your family, your hard earned dollars and your valuable time- what do you want for your training? How is the training different than any other school on the corner, any good football coach or (fill in the blank) sport, how can you take what is learned and apply it OUTSIDE the dojo? Are you looking for a sport (because anything that has beautiful choreographed movement is that- beautiful choreographed movement, but certainly not self protection). Simply pin point the benefits you desire for you and your family.

It takes discipline to research the outer most and inner secrets of true martial arts. The very thing you seek is what you need to progress.

No problem, jedi in training. We can help you take that step….

Just be ninja.

Written by Kriss Gakutoshi Hurdle, Newbury Park Martial Arts Center. Reprinted with permission.

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