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Monday, December 5, 2011

Ninja Day in Boulder

December 5 is International Ninja Day. It's the day pirates fear the most. It's the day when the world recognizes that in fact, Eveybody Needs a Ninja.

To celebrate ninja day, we have the following suggestions:
1. Read Ninja Vol 1: Spirit of the Shadow Warrior. Choose an exercise and focus on it all day today.
2. Wear your ninja t-shirt and teach people how to wear their t-shirt like a ninja mask.
3. Show off your cool ninja skills by making a shuriken out of paper and throwing it with your mad skills.
4. Take a class at your local Boulder dojo, the Boulder Quest Center. Classes for beginners are at 4pm and 7pm.
5. Most of all, enjoy International Ninja Day!

Be ninja,
Mary Aitoshi

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