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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sensei Hakim Isler in Boulder this weekend

Hakim Isler (To Shin Do Head Instructor) is the founder of Elite Guard, LLC, a martial art, fitness and security training company. He has been involved in the martial arts for 24 years and the security field for 10 years. Hakim is a veteran of the Iraq war and an ex-member of the Army Special Operations community, where he received Arabic language training, survival training, evasion training, paratrooper training, etc. He holds a 3rd degree black belt (Sandan) in To-Shin Do (modern Ninjutsu), as taught by world-renowned author and Black Belt Hall of Fame member Stephen K. Hayes. Hakim is also a practitioner of American Jiu Jitsu, Gracie Barra Jiu Jitsu and FCS Kali.
Hakim has served as a board member of Rape Crisis Volunteers of Cumberland County. He has served as a continuing education instructor of Defensive tactics and Fayetteville Technical Community College. He is an honors graduate and Certified Protection Specialist (Body Guard) through Executive Security International (ESI), where he completed over 600 study hours and practical training in principles of protection; human behavior; profiles of terrorism; counter surveillance and covert security; electronic security; bomb search and identification; etc. He is also a co-founder of Spirit Quest, a non-profit organization aimed at assisting at-risk youth.

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$50/30 minutes; $90/60 minutes
See the front desk or drop us an email to sign up for Friday or Saturday afternoon training this weekend.

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Bandoid said...

Nice. That sounds like a great time!

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