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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Self Growth on the Way to Black Belt, Pt 1

This 8 part series is from Hunter's Shodan essay. I've gotten his permission to publish each paragraph as a blog post. Look for 1 every day to get a feel for his journey. Hunter is a senior at CU working towards his degree in Advertising. He has been studying To-Shin Do for 4 years.
Earning a black belt is a symbol, it demonstrates that I have learned the fundamentals, but more than that, it is a personal symbol. It represents my progress and the obstacles I have overcome during the course of my journey since white belt. To Shin Do is a continuous learning process, if it ever stops being challenging, it is because I have stopped improving. Training has taught me to be in my body and in the present moment, but above all to be more patient with myself. Earning a black belt is not a destination, it is a milestone. It signifies, the faith, commitment and priority it has taken to get here and my readiness to take the next step on the path to mastery.

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Jan Swan said...

Beautifully written, Hunter.

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