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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Self Growth on the Way to Black Belt, Pt 2

This 8 part series is from Hunter's Shodan essay. I've gotten his permission to publish each paragraph as a blog post. Look for 1 every day to get a feel for his journey. Hunter is a senior at CU working towards his degree in Advertising. He has been studying To-Shin Do for 4 years.

One of my continuous learning processes, has been to become more patient with myself. I have accepted that learning anything takes time and requires repetition. Progress is incremental and my “breakthroughs” are usually the moment in time when my gradual improvement has accumulated enough to become noticeable. I avoid setting unreasonable expectations for myself by remembering that everything takes time. As well as by clarifying and asking questions and remembering to have fun when learning something challenging. When frustration arises anyway, I have learned to work through it, by reminding myself to breath, more deeply and more often. I have found that the more I stay in the present moment, the less likely I am to become frustrated when my performance does not match my expectations.

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