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Monday, August 27, 2012

Self Growth on the Way to Black Belt. Pt 3

This 8 part series is from Hunter's Shodan essay. I've gotten his permission to publish each paragraph as a blog post. Look for 1 every day to get a feel for his journey. Hunter is a senior at CU working towards his degree in Advertising. He has been studying To-Shin Do for 4 years.

When I first began training, I found it an unnatural experience to be in my body and was more comfortable being in my head. Part of learning to be ninja has been finding a balance between approaching things intelligently, while still being present in the body and in tune with the situation. I have learned enough about myself to know that I do depend on over-thinking things when exposed to a new idea. However, I can move beyond this after a little while and begin to integrate movements into my body as I become more comfortable with a technique. Alternatively, I sometimes focus on moving without fixating on what I want to happen, simply letting the answer to the problem come out of the situation. Making the shift from always thinking about things to simply being in my body represents the improvement past an obstacle, which has been crucial to overcome.

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