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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Self Growth on the Way to Black Belt, Pt 5

This 8 part series is from Hunter's Shodan essay. I've gotten his permission to publish each paragraph as a blog post. Look for 1 every day to get a feel for his journey. Hunter is a senior at CU working towards his degree in Advertising. He has been studying To-Shin Do for 4 years.

Faith can be defined as believing in something you cannot see or touch. Faith is believing that To Shin Do can work and that I can make it work for me. My perceptions have changed internally and externally as a result of having studied martial arts. However, I have come to realize that many of the changes, in my outlook, perceptions and level of ability since beginning To Shin Do are somewhat intangible. Skill manifests on a physical level, but the knowledge behind that skill is not finite. Progress can be seen, but it is easier to see over the long run than from moment to moment. The belief that I can keep getting better is built upon past experiences, but ultimately it is an act of faith.

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