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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Self Growth on the Way to Black Belt, Pt 7

This 8 part series is from Hunter's Shodan essay. I've gotten his permission to publish each paragraph as a blog post. Look for 1 every day to get a feel for his journey. Hunter is a senior at CU working towards his degree in Advertising. He has been studying To-Shin Do for 4 years.

The final quality, which has helped me along my path to earning a black belt is prioritization. Knowing that I have made the choice to be here, gives it more value and makes earning a black belt more meaningful. I have chosen for various reasons not to own a car, so the ensuing bus rides across town, to and from the dojo, take as much as twice the time I spend in a single class. I do not say this to brag, but simply to remind myself that I have not gotten to where I am by accident. I made the effort to come to class consistently because I made it a priority. I am here on purpose! 

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