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Sunday, September 30, 2012

5 Reasons JoAnna is Psyched about the New Schedule

Ninja Admin extraordinaire JoAnna Pappas delves into her first blog post with her thoughts on why the new schedule is such a hit.  
  1. Every time I have attended Ninja Mind, the bell always seemed to ring entirely too soon at the end of class. I wished it would go longer to get deeper into the subject at hand. Now that it has been consolidated into a once-a-month class, my wish has come true!
  2. I think having a monthly themed Ninja Secrets class on Monday nights will not only help me retain the material, but it will also give me a chance to put in requests for the subjects I am burning to delve into.
  3. As a coach, I am excited to work with Water belts in addition to Earth belts at the new Thursday night adult class.
  4. I am excited to see what each new month will bring in terms of specialized material and seminars.
  5. I love being a part of a community where scheduling and training requests are taken seriously and honestly considered. It reminds me my voice matters!

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