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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

10 things I like about being Ninja

10 things I like about being a Ninja

1.    Flying through the air and landing softly (something I consider a miracle)
2.    Swords (truly, blades are just pretty)
3.    Many ninja are hot; all ninja are better looking than average (the longer they train, the truer this is)
4.    Rolling on the floor and leaping through the air (wheeeeeeee)
5.    Punching, kicking, grabbing, throwing and never getting injured (as long as I'm doing it right)
6.    Legitimate lineage and brilliant An-Shu (you are coming to Copper Dagger, right?)
7.    Practical self defense (it works if you use it)
8.    Best teachers in the galaxy (Get connected online)
9.    Ropes, chains, and blades (LOVE)
10. Life mastery through martial arts (thank you)

What are your favorite ninja things?

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