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Monday, November 18, 2013

Becoming a Black Belt: Jesse Corwin Shafroth

Becoming a Black Belt

Jesse Corwin Shafroth

        To-Shin Do, I believe, is a way of prophesying peace, telling others that violence is not a way to conceive peace. I have learned that, and much more, from my mentors at this sacred dojo.

I look at To-Shin Do as an analytical and scientific art. For example, whenever I encounter another ninja attacking me during a free response round, I pause the world around me for just a few seconds, and analyze my attacker(what is he/she going to do, how can I stop them from doing that action?). My teachers at the dojo have helped me create this power and I have learned much from it.

To-Shin Do is also a means of protecting others as well as yourself. I find myself becoming more and more aware of my environment around me, looking for any troubles that could potentially physically and or mentally disturb me and the others around, as to stop them from happening. Either with my words or physical response, I always seek to make myself, along with others, comfortable in their current state. It seems now, with about four years of training, an aura of safeness surrounds me and those who love me.

Many people believe that martial arts is a means of just killing everything around you for your own safety-I myself have met many people who have said this to me countless amounts of times-, though To-Shin Do says otherwise. Reciting a line from the Code of Mindful Action...“I protect life and health, I avoid violence whenever possible”...I do this every day. When I do get angry with someone, I do not attack them, but rather revert to my original state of calm. This was something else I was taught, for as a small child, I believed that violence was the only way to solve problems. Thanks, again, to To-Shin Do, I have seen the other side of things.

To-Shin Do has changed me. Forever. I now think more clearly and I feel  healthier. My agility has increased tenfold and I feel as though I have taken four years of analytical quizzes. Though now I am ready. I have studied my mental notes for quite a time now, and I believe I am ready for the test. The “Big One”. My Black Belt test; the test that is superior to all tests. Why? 

Because I am intelligent. 

Because I am ready.

Because I am a Ninja.        


To see Jesse test for his black belt, join us at Winter Warrior 2014 (2/28-3/2).,-sat,-sun)/

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