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Monday, December 23, 2013

Tolerance and Love

Over the past few days, since the Duck Dynasty story broke, there's been a lot of rhetoric on what freedom of speech is (it's the right to speak your mind without fear of imprisionment or death; it does not protect you from firing or internet trolls). There's also been talk about whether it's a civil rights violation. I actually went and read the law and I came to this conclusion: It's not a civil rights violation because he was not fired for his religion, he was fired for hate speech. I'd fire him too, if he worked for me. 

Then, in the past few days, I was personally accused of being a hypocrite because as a liberal (I must be liberal if I support QQLBGT folks, right?), I preach tolerance and now I'm not being tolerant. So let's be clear. I don't tolerate hate or abuse in any form. It's the action I am against, not the belief nor the individual. The truth is, I can't control how others feel or think (thank goodness). But I can influence the energies I allow in my sphere. So if not tolerating hate makes me a hypocrite, so be it. That label sits as easily as any other because it's yours, not mine. 

Guess what else? I love Duck Dynasty. I love that they end every episode with a prayer and that they eat and pray as a family. I don't choose that lifestyle but I love it. I guess that's another way I'm a hypocrite. 

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