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Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Warrior Is...

As part of our commitment to growing the dojo in 2014, the staff has been meeting and brainstorming. We've been talking about new seminars, private lesson packages, and additional areas of business. When talking about growth, personal or professional, it can be easy to lose sight of we intend to be. It's one of the reasons having our creeds is so important to our practice. We need to stay grounded in our values so that we direct our growth in a positive and fruitful manner. 

As a business we have a vision and a mission as well. These are more than words to complete a
business plan. These are grounding principles that give us a criteria for evaluating business decisions. We won't implement a new class, membership structure, seminar or activity unless it is in line with our mission and vision. I hope these words inspire you as much as they do for me. 

The Boulder Quest Center wakes you up to the potential of what is possible--
confidently and consistently helping you transcend cherished limitations to discover your own personal excellence. 

To create and retain Toshi (3rd degree and higher)

9 Attributes of a Warrior
For this, we need your help. You may have noticed the giant post-it's on the dressing room doors. These post-it's ask you to complete the phrase "a warrior is..."  Please help us by providing your insights into your experience of what it means to be a warrior. We will use these lists to distill a list of 9 attributes that describe warriors as a way of defining and describing our BQC culture and values. 

Be ninja!
Mary Aitoshi

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