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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Getting from Now to There

As I shared last week, I have a strong vision of where I want to go. I want to build places where people can discover and express their true and highest selves. I want to help them carry their own lights so the world is a brighter place. I want them to be inspired by excellence. 

I am also aware of where I am right now. We are absolutely teaching the best martial art to achieve my goals. I have excellent staff supporting the vision and fantastic students who ask of greatness of themselves. I also have 125 of them and my vision is for 250+. 

Today I felt myself feeling stuck and frustrated. I wasn't sure how to move from the reality of Now to the vision I have for the There in the future. I had some ideas about the next step, but I wasn't sure what would come after that. I wanted to see every step that would lead me to There. 

Then I realized that my next step wasn't to plan every move. My next step was to go to the next milestone. If I know what to do next, then it's time to do it. I can worry about the next step once I get to that milestone. 

Our Code of Mindful Action held the answer all along "I avoid putting off doing that which will benefit me and my world today". What can you do today to help you reach your goals?


David Glover said...

Thank you, Mary Aitoshi, for sharing. One of my friends uses the metaphor that achieving a vision for requires walking up a dark staircase where you cannot see the top but only see the next step.

David Glover said...

...achieving a vision for *success*...

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