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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hannya Shingyo

Most Sunday mornings, I'm either dancing or skiing. Both activities are a way for me to rest and rejuvenate and connect even more with my martial path. My martial path has long been a spiritual path as well. It is my laboratory, my sacred space, and my path. 

Today I danced. It was the instructor's birthday and I was looking forward to dancing the sacred as every class with her begins and ends with intention--much like we start with our codes too. I danced my heart out and it was wonderful. As we came into our centers and our space, the words "Hannya Shingyo" followed by "gyatei gyatei para gyatei...Hannya Shingyo" flowed through my mind. I love these moments when mantra present themselves to me, as if the universe is whispering or maybe I'm just so quiet, I can hear my mind. It is at once comforting and intriguing. 

A part of me wanted to quickly dissect the meaning, to know in my brain why I was hearing these words now, but I knew from experience that chasing the words wouldn't get me there, not in that state of mind. So I held the words and the space and I allowed time and myself to simply be. And words from another teaching, this time in English, sang the meaning for me: "this moment, in this space, is the brith of my opportunity to create the reality I experience". 

Every time we step on the mat, every time we release ourselves to the practice, we have the opportunity to get a little brighter, a little bigger, for our song to come into tune. We are so lucky to have this choice. I look forward to training with you this week. Let us all discover more about our path to peace, mindfulness, and release. 

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