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Sunday, February 23, 2014

5 Things Zippy Likes about being a Ninja

Five Things I like about Being a Ninja
By: Zipporah (Zippy) Abraham Paiss

1. Creative Expression
Life as a ninja is unexpected and wonderful. As a person goes throughout life, they are learning and adapting to the things they love and the individual they want to be. Yet, how we learn is up to us. Creative expression is a way of studying that is fun, makes concepts stick, adapts to each distinctive personality, and applies to our emotions as well as our intellect. Being a ninja has taught me how to reveal emotions and feelings through works of art. Specifically, through a martial art.

2. Cultivating intuition
When someone is hurling themselves at you at full speed and you have half a second to choose your next move, it takes complete mental clarity and focus to be the dividing force between yourself and another. Ninjahood has armed me with a strong shield of self-confidence; I can stand up to an attacker because I believe in my capability to defend myself. I know when and where to move to, and the situations when it is best to run for the nearest phone. 

3. Physical activity
A ninja, by definition, is a person skilled in ninjutsu. Yes, we get to punch, kick, run, hip chuck, and choke our training partners, and through all the huffing and puffing fun, we are training every part of our body. In addition to training the mind, ninjahood keeps you physically fit. There are always days when it’s too cold, hot, wet, etc. to be motivated to exercise, but I don't think of To-Shin Do as work; staying fit just happens to be a benefit.

4. All-inclusive
Contrary to popular belief, a ninja is not limited to an old Japanese man who can jump in the air and kick five times before landing on one toe. In To-Shin Do, anyone can be a ninja. My mother, sister and best friends have all trained/are currently training. I can officially say I lead a “ninja” life for I practice To-Shin-Do principles outside the dojo, my family supports my training and I see myself continuing to train for many years ahead. Being a ninja is a path for life open to anyone and everyone. Ninjahood is not a private club, rather it’s an universal invitation to a better life.

5. Unique occupation
Person: “What do you do in you’re free time?” 
Me: “You know, I use martial arts to expand my understanding of the world, believe in myself and the consequences of my actions, enlarge my own personal potential as well as that of others, and make the world a better place.”

Plenty of people practice sports and participate in clubs. In comparison, demographically, being a ninja is a rare occupation. To-Shin Do doesn’t just foster ninjas; it cultivates better people and an enhanced world as a result. I love being a ninja!

Join the family.

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