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Monday, April 28, 2014

Saying Yes!

It seems everywhere I look there's another article about making sure you say no, setting boundaries, and not being a people-pleaser. But rarely to I see the counter-point. What happened to saying Yes? Dive into your life with a sense of freedom, of love, of passion. Let your Yes shine through and light up the world. And while you're at it, let your funk and your inspiration come out too. 

But with all this external imbalance, how can we determine if we are really embracing all our facets? Are we clear on what we want to say yes and no to? How about our groove vs our vision? I came up with a simple muscle test for myself. Try it and see what happens for you. 

First, a caveat: I made this up. The inspiration came to me in dance class, then I meditated on it, and now I'm sharing it. I hope it brings you insight. 

I've identified four basic head movements: the nod, the shake, the funk, and the flight. 

The Nod: face stays forward while chin and eyes move up and down. The classic Yes movement. 

The Shake: chin stays level while turning side to side. The classic No movement. 

The Funk: the ear comes towards the shoulder and the chin makes a smile movement while switching side to side. For me, it's a classic Song with a Funky Beat movement. 

The Flight: the ear comes to the shoulder and there's a nod at the shoulder (typically 2-3 beats), then on an up beat, the chin lifts to the opposite side moving in a rainbow arc. When I do this movement, I feel like I'm listening to the song of the universe. 

Exercise 1: Perform each of the head movements described above. Notice which feel natural and which feel stuck or unoiled. Note where else you feel the movement in your body and whether it activates a particular emotion. 

Exercise 2: Ask yourself a question and answer it with these head movements. Start with Yes/No questions to get a strong baseline. I started with inane questions, like "Do I want pizza for breakfast?"

Exercise 3: Choose one movement to practice today. Set a reminder on your phone for a regular interval that will remind you of your intention. 

Exercise 4: Share your experiences with me and other friends. If there's interest, I'll post more exercises and evolutions in the practice. 


Lenora Cooper said...

A whole new way to muscle test, *and* get funky.

Lenora Cooper said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mary Aitoshi said...

I like this method of muscle testing because it let's me examine what I am really manifesting in the world and in my body.

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