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Monday, March 9, 2015

Proof of Magic

For years, decades maybe, I've struggled to articulate the magic of the mind science in our ninja arts. The magic in To-Shin Do is much easier to understand because you can see it and feel it. In fact, all of your senses can experience it. Plus you can record it, take pictures of it, and otherwise prove its existance.

Proof is a funny concept. We often look for proof, not of our experience, but of others' validation of our experience. But in this case, the proof is internally and intrinsically manifested. You might never see the results by looking at outward results. In this 'chose your own adventure' life, we don't get to know where the other forks in the road would've taken us.

This it's almost impossible to describe these mind science trainings. The power of the visualization a and the way I healed this from my past, from my lineage, and from my future, is impossible to explain mechanically. I can say, I woke up a different person each day. Lighter. Brighter. Sometimes even flakier as I try to operate in ordinary reality. 

I love the joy I find in my life. I love that if I was kidnapped and thrown naked out of a plane (see previous blog on Resiliency, Pigsties, and Choice), I'd still be happy. I love that I'm choosing easier paths to joy and never settling for less than what I know is right, even when it doesn't seem rational.

Mostly I love that I'm trusting myself and my experience more and more each day. I don't need to prove magic to you because I live with it as my constant companion. I'd love to share it with you though!

Take a moment today and acknowledge your magic and your joy. Invite doubt to the conversation, but don't let it hold you back. 

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