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Monday, August 17, 2015

Finding Our Voice

Finding Our Voice
by: Ozrich

When I started my training in To-Shin Do, one of the first things that I was taught was the importance of being able to speak intention and power into a space. Each element, I was told, speaks from a different part of our body, whether from our earthy depths as we command someone to “stop it!” or our windy heights as we help remind someone to “take it easy”. 

I've noticed that our art has amazing instructors who not only teach the intellect needed to fight, but the wisdom to live. When I hear the kinds of things that our instructors have to say, it is difficult to not make some kind of vocalization, some kind of affirmation that, “yes, I have heard you and understood you. Thank you!”
It’s like when we first learn the four stages of readiness and we are asked to just “listen to our body”. We begin to realize that someone approaching or entering our space brings up natural responses in us that we usually suppress or ignore because we don’t want to be rude, or “what if we’re wrong”. All of these things keep us from listening to and manifesting our natural response.

During the beginning of my training, it was sometimes embarrassing to make sounds or to really command someone to "Stop it!". When I began to allow myself to make sounds in the dojo, however, I realized just how often I was keeping myself from expressing connection to, appreciation of, and understanding for the people and ideas that we are surrounded by in the dojo.

From there, it was only a short leap to see how those blocks appear elsewhere in my life. How often have I not given thanks when it was due, not said no when I should have, or denied someone the chance to hear that they are loved because of my own internal blocks? 

As always, our training reaches further than the dojo and I wanted to take this opportunity to speak up and encourage others to find their own voices first in the safety of the dojo so that it is ready whenever it may be called on.  

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