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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Surfer Chick Heart Sutra

Inspiration sometimes comes in convoluted ways. You can point to triggers but exactly why or how it manifest in that way at that moment is hard to pinpoint. In it's own way, it is an example of the Heart Sutra. In this case, I was at a cello concert. Talk of the Heart Sutra and how to make it into a song arose. I started to think about how you would explain the Hear Sutra in today's vernacular. Following is fairly accurate discussion my inner Surfer had with my inner Skeptic. In my imagination, the Surfer talked while the Skeptic nodded. Whenever Skeptic wanted to argue, Surfer was right there with the answer.

Dude, like the red pill or the green pill, doesn't matter. It's all the same.

You know matter is neither created or destroyed. Therefore, there's no birth or death. There are moments with those names but it's not precisely true.

This camera, it can see what's going on over there and show it here, so eyes aren't necessary for sight. I can plant a bug in a room and it will record the noise, essentially hearing them, so ears aren't really needed for hearing. Quadriplegics can communicate through technology and move with assisted devices they control with there minds so a body doesn't have a set function it must perform. Therefore, there can be no absolute definition that contains all of the functions of the Eye, Ear, Nose, Body, or Mind.

People relate to colors differently. Some people taste color. Others are color blind. Some people will sell you before they see you. Others will hear you. Some people have sophisticated palates. Some can barely taste at all. Therefore there is no absolute of see, smell, taste, touch, thing.

But when we destroy Birth, Death, Body, Mind, the Senses and the Sense Organs, we take out the base constructs for how we build a world. All our ideas have these blocks as a base construction and when we take them away, no idea is an absolute. Not even this.

Then what's left is only this moment. The moment before we observe it. Like Schrodinger's Cat, all probabilities exist until they are observed, but we are only really observing the past. So is the observation the experience or does it change it?

So this moment is when the mind is blown. This is the moment when all possibilities are split open and you realize that more is possible then you ever imagined. Limits are just paper obstacles based on paper constructs. It's not to think outside the box but to recognize you built an imaginary box around yourself. It isn't really there.

Mind Blown. Dude.

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